Who Are We?

Call Him Mr. Howl, Please

Our founder has requested that he be called Mr. Howl as his club name. 

Maybe for always – but at least until he gets to know people better. 


A Little About Us

This all started on a long week home recovering from a tonsillectomy.

Mr. Howl (who was 4 at the time) had been asking for at least 6 months if he could watch the Wolf Man (the Lon Chaney version). The answer had always been “not until you are older.”

But then in the middle of what was at least the 17th viewing of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, watching the evil queen performing magic in her dungeon to transform herself into an old crone, it struck us that there was nothing in the Wolf Man that was scarier than that transformation scene. And that transformation was his favorite part of the whole movie.

Maybe it was logical. Maybe it was exhaustion from staying up nights to administer medications after the surgery. But there was no turning back.


Don’t Worry

No – he’s not allowed to see it yet.
(But not because he isn’t asking.)

Truth be told – we’d love to be in touch with other parents who find themselves navigating these waters.