So – What Is All This?

A Safe Space for Monster Kids

Bottom line – this came out of a kid  desperately loving monster culture and spooky movies and not having luck finding other kids to share it with.

He started a monster club at school a while back, and kids joined because they were friends, but nobody was really into the monster part. One kid tried to subvert it into a pokemon club. A meet up to watch Abbott and Costello Meet Frankenstein led to a mass exodus when it turned out to be too scary for most of the kids.

And this was all before we had to stay home for more than a year…

Different Times

If this was the 1970’s or 80’s then the kids could just find each other as they biked around town, picking up their monster models from the hobby shop or their copies of Famous Monsters from the local newsstand.

But this is now. So – I guess we help them along so they can find their tribe, and set up zoom-calls and playdates.

Where is This Going?

We have no plan. If we find two or three other monster kids and this turns into a playgroup where the kids can print up their own Monster Squad cards and argue about whether the Wolfman or Freddy Krueger would win in a fight – then wonderful.

If we luck out and find a lot more, then we can get more organized and print up t-shirts and get together for movie outings or something. We can dream!